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Vernon G Wells

Vernon G Wells is a cinematic legend who has had a career span over 40 years. Most known for his 1982 role as the wild maniac Wez in Director George Miller's sequal to his 1979 film Mad Max starring Mel Gibson.


The iconic role led to him spoofing his role in the 1985 comedy Weird Science but known as Lord General in the film. Two months later Wells starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in the action-packed movie Commando as the villainous Bennett.

In 1990 he starred with comedian Cheech Marin in Shrimp on the Barbie and in 1992 he starred in the indie sci-fy film Fortress opposite Christopher Lambert. In the early 2000's Vernon played the evil Ransik in seven Power Rangers movies.

Since then, Wells has been in numerous action and sci-fy fantasy films. He crossed over into the horror genre and in 2017 starred in the all-star horror outing Death House opposite Kane Hodder, Bill Mosley, RA Mihailoff, Barbara Crampton, Tony Todd, Gunnar Hansen, Dee Wallace, Camille Keaton, Michael Berryman, Sid Haig, Brinke Stevens, Tiffany Shepis, Felissa Rose and more. 

In 2017 Vernon co-starred with another Deimos Promotions talent, Jessica Paige York-Duerr in the military action film Der Vertrag.

He is a fan favorite at conventions all across the world and is still active making films today.

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