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Shannon Griffin

Originally from Naples Florida, Shannon Griffin's world of being involved in Paranormal Investigating began several years ago. It was here, while investigating numerous haunted houses, schools and asylum's that she was noticed and asked by Director Christopher Maggard to play his main villain, the Mother of all evil: The Darkness in the 2018 film Rosa Leigh. Shannon took to the make up chair to transform into one of independent films most noted villains, in a world of over saturated paranormal films. However, the film has gone on to win several film festival wards for best Picture and Best Make-Up/FX since it's release.


Shannon who stands at a commanding 5'11" is one not to be reckoned with, as she has played on a semi pro rollerblade hockey team and has been a part of a military exercise group. While she welcomes roles that will allow her to continue to utilize her lifelong experiences in film, and either being in or out of make-up, she is pressing on with promoting her character; The Darkness at convention appearances across the country. 


She is next slotted to play US Marshall PJ Wilkes in the forthcoming horror thriller Northern Storm which is currently in preproduction.

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