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Joedda McClain

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Joedda McClain spent the early part of her career as a NYC Runway Model in the early 1970's. She was noticed by the noted The Night of the Living Dead Director, George A. Romero during a visit to the Big Apple, when he approached her about doing a film with him. George explained that he was looking at casting her in the role of Nikki Mitchell for what would become his third film, the 1972 Season of the Witch. Casting her as the carefree and socially distant 19 year old daughter of a woman, who as he explained it, is having a serious midlife crisis and began dabbling in Witchcraft. This film was credited as George's way of showing the changing times and oncoming independence for women in the early 70's. While it only did a small percentage at the box office, it is one of Romero's lesser known films, yet it has actually developed a huge following in more recent years due to it's subject matter and social commentary. With the passing of Romero in 2017, and considering the new streaming formats that are available for film viewing, the fans of his films are now discovering this film.

This would end up being Joedda's only film, but she stayed in Pittsburgh and continued to do modeling, commercials and local theater projects. She is new to the Horror Convention scene, but is a true gem with the fans at the shows that she has attended, as she has many stories to tell about the film, it's theme and the great George A. Romero.

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George A. Romero's Season of the Witch

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