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Gregory French

Gregory French is a high school teacher by day and a professional Stuntman, Dramatic/Comedic Actor and Creature Feature Artist. He is most known for his incredible work as primary Walker on The Walking Dead from 2012 through 2019.  He was a favorite Walker of FX and Make-up guru Greg Nicotero and was asked to help teach the Walker's school with his friend Michael Koske. This special school was required of all on screen Walkers starting on Season 3 in order to ensure consistency of the Walker talent on the show. 

Gregory now runs his own production company in North Carolina: Coastal Independent Films and has won awards for numerous shorts including the 2019 Thirst of the Dead.

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Gregory French Thirsty.jpg

Feature Films:

Ghost Witch

Iron Man 3

We're the Millers


Town of Samhain

Thirst of the Dead


The Walking Dead

Sleepy Hollow

The Vampire Diaries

Mr. Mercedes

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