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Gayle Krahn

Gayle Krahn Headshot A.jpg
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Gayle Krahn is an Actress and a SFX/Makeup Artist, who also plays The Dead Vault fright-fest fiend podcast known as The Ringleader. While Gayle is originally from Ripon Wisconsin and carries an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, she moved to The Ouachita Mountains in 2015 and refocused on a new career path when she completed her Cosmetology License and began to work on hair and makeup designs.  She combined her cosmetology work and her interest in Special FX Makeup that she began dabbling in back in 2008. In May of  2019, she was hired to be the head of SFX and Make-up on an independent film called The Castle, which starred Lew Temple (The Devil's Rejects, 31,) and has been a film force in independent SFX/Makeup since 2019.

She began working in front of the camera in commercials in 2019 and has since starred in several projects including Hopeless Romantic, Unspoken, Hidden Letters and Queen Kobra. She is currently working on her next film project titled Paragenex: Shadow of the Mind, written by Clinton Robinson. She is also developing her own script titled: Ambient Dreams. 


#KRAHN!Cosmetology is Gayle's SFX company that specializes in movie appliances, casting & moldings, gore makeup (wounds/burns/bruising/aging,) UV makeup, custom dental appliances (Fangs,) blood appliances and more to fulfill all of your special FX horror film needs.    

Hopeless Romantic Christmas

Gayle Krahn Hopeless Romantic Christmas.

Hopeless Romantic

Gayle Krahn Femme Fatal.jpg
Gayle Krahn and Marx on Set.jpg
Gayle Krahn Hopeless Romantic Make

The Ringleader

Gayle Krahn Ringleader come here.jpg

Streaming Sarah

Gayle Krahn Screaming Sarah.jpg

Elves in The Ouachitas

Gayle Krahn Elf.jpg

The Castle: Lew Temple

Gayle Krahn Lew Temple.jpg

The Castle: Jerry Lynch & Shannon Lee

Gayle krahn Makeup German Officer.jpg

Dark Haven: Make-up

Gayle Krahn Make up on set.jpg

The Castle: Hair Styling

Gayle Krahn Makeup hair.jpg

The Castle: Aging Make-up

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