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Seeking talent for a convention or appearance? 


If you're interested in booking any of our celebrity talents for your convention or an appearance, feel free to contact us. Our information is located on the contact page of this website. Each celebrity has their own requirements for booking events, so please keep in mind that some have transportation, lodging and meal requirements, as well as guarantees to appear. Others may have media restrictions or photo requirements that must be adhered to during your show.

Deimos Promotions will work with you to ensure that you have the talent you need, as they are a part of the draw for your guests that attend. Please be prepared to discuss the show dates and the venue with us. Things that are important to have ready include: how long has the show been operating, what is the past attendance and expected attendance, and how many days is the event occurring

Once the conditions of appearance have been discussed with a Deimos Promotions representative, we will contact our clients and discuss the event with them and check their appearance calendar. If they agree to appear, a Letter of Intent to Appear will be presented to both parties to sign. Deimos Promotions will retain copies of these agreement letters to ensure that all conditions are met by the talent and the event promoter.


Be advised that in the case of guarantees being made between the talent and the event promoter, if those guarantees are not met at the table with the talent, then the event promoter will be held accountable for any balances due to the talent at the conclusion of the event.

Deimos Promotions has not had any issues to date with any event or with any talent on adhering to the conditions of any appearance agreement. We take pride in helping to make your event a successful one.

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